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How it began...

Saikhan (Сайхан which means beautiful in Mongolian) was founded in September 2010. Through her direct interactions with the locals since 2007, the founder gained a deeper insight into the lives behind the photogenic gers that spout around the capital. Sadly, many of the stories from these gers have been heart breaking ones.

With Saikhan, she hopes to provide the Mongolian ladies with opportunities to gain an additional source of income to support themselves and their children, by designing and creating meticulously crafted products.#

Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world, with long and harsh winters (averaging -20 deg cel, and lowest even at -40 deg cel). This additional income will go a long way to help the ladies and their families through these winters. 

Philosophy - Connecting Beyond Felt


The art of felting infuses a personal touch into each of our product. Beyond our products, we believe in the importance of connections.

For our artisans, we recognise that true beauty lies within, and flourishes, even in the midst of difficult moments. We hope crafting will improve their financial situations and provide opportunities for more quality time and connection with their families. 

For our customers, whether purchasing to bless others or cherishing for personal use, we hope each product will bring a touch of joy and comfort to every connection.

# Founder does not receive any income from this business.

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